Our main activity is to provide to our Customers cutting tools that meets today’s requirements. If necessary together with the tools we provide the technology too. One of the features of our age is the DYNAMISM.

This means new challenges and demands, such as new technologies and tools developed to solve them. Therefore the users whose main aim is to ensure the daily and trouble free production, have not always sufficient time to look for new solutions, technologies, to keep themselves updated with the latest news.

Our company getting acquainted with the Costumers features, machines park and capacity we always will propose the necessary and sufficient solution. This is the way how we contribute to the success of our Costumers, success in the technical solutions, quality and cost-effectiveness.


“We have started distributing Sandvik Coromant tools 20 years ago.

15 years ago we become contracted Sandvik Coromant distributor.

During this time we have learned and gained huge experience in using Sandvik tools and we have learned the business philosophy of the Swedish company as well.

Thanks to these and the results achieved, in 2016 we managed to belong to the best Eastern-European distributors.”


„Necessary and sufficient solutions”


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